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Offline Marketing

Business Growth through offline marketing

The word contains the meaning of offline Marketing itself. It includes other methods of marketing apart from internet marketing. This industry is very popular since hundreds of years back. Although the methods have changed according to latest technology but the meaning is still same. It comprises of advertisement in newspaper, magazines, hoardings, exhibition shows, and print media (like the Yellow Pages, buses, benches, and billboards), sponsoring something, partnership and so on, there are various new and old methods that have been helpful to reach the target audience. This is the kind of marketing where everything is done to make a business popular among its fans and consumers, excluding internet marketing efforts. This marketing concept is useful for all commercial and non-commercial businesses and products globally. Offline marketing helps in increasing Brand popularity, Product sale, Revenue generation, Profit Maximization and Covering the gap between providers and consumers and making more more more.... There is so much that is possible in offline marketing but everything need to be properly planned and organized else it may have adverse impacts too. The difference between Online and Offline Marketing very much depends on the base itself, market penetration, approach to the customer, manpower required, time and expenses, the return on investment, the management information system, products information and measurement.

Print Publications

While you won’t give you the same SEO benefits as an online link back to your website, print publications still have a valuable place in offline marketing. Obtaining relevant placements in industry magazines and journals will help increase your brand visibility and showcase your expertise. Include print opportunities as part of your blogger outreach strategy and keep an eye out for opportunities to appear in both an online and print version of a publication. However, don’t seek out print publications just for the sake of it. Just as with your online publications, you need to be selective. Make sure the publications you choose are relevant to your target audience and a reputable source of information.

Print Advertising

Along the same lines as publishing an article in a print publication, running print advertisements is another method for getting in front of more potential customers. However, it is significantly more difficult to track the return on investment for print advertising than it is for online ads and they can often be more expensive to run, so consider your options carefully. Print advertisements are best positioned in highly targeted publications where you can guarantee members of your target audience will see your ad. If possible, include a URL or a QR code in the print advertisement to send visitors to the landing page, which will help you track these campaigns better.

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